Our Story

Since 2012, The Reset Project has helped bring the Las Vegas community together to provide a bit of enlightenment about health and wellness. One of our goals was to build community engagement with other likeminded people interested in fueling their lives with mindfulness and kindness. We have carefully curated events with the help of expert change-makers who have made it simple and easy for people and brands to create positive sustainable change in their lives and give back to their families and communities.

Thanks to you, we have created a space for the Las Vegas community to MOVE, BALANCE, DREAM,CREATE and EAT together with the sole purpose of transforming our individual lives in order to live more authentically.

Four years later, we have sold 1,520 tickets, hosted 73 health & wellness classes, coordinated over 50 runs and urban hikes and helped more than a thousand individuals and families with their fitness and mindfulness practice.

The Reset Project believes that if we change our own lives and infuse it with health, mindfulness and acceptance, we can change the world and make it a better place for others.