Mission & Vision

Mission Statement – The Reset Project is a lifestyle fitness company delivering custom designed programs making it simple for individuals and groups to achieve and sustain emotional, physical and social fitness.
  • Personal Fitness: Getting started with a fitness program is tough and staying proactive instead of reactive about your fitness is even tougher. You don’t like the big box gyms, its inconsistent to do it on your own at home and you don’t want to get stuck in a never ending contract. We eliminate all that stuff with our lifestyle specific 12 week fitness, nutrition and wellness programs. In just 3 months The Reset Project will teach you all the skills you need to successfully sustain your emotional, physical and social Fitness and continue to enhance your life. One price. No continuing contracts.
  • Small Group Fitness: Likeminded individuals determined to achieve holistic Fitness as a group have found great success with our 12 week programs. Gather your tribe and learn how incorporating your new found  skills along with the support of friends working with you will accelerate and enhance your Fitness Reset. One price. No continuing contracts.

Its Simple and Easy to get started. It doesn’t cost anything. Click this link and send any questions you have regarding individual or small group Fitness. We will get right back to you


Vision Statement – The Reset Project believes that if we Reset our own lives and infuse it with health, mindfulness and acceptance, we can change the world around us and make it a better place for ourselves and others. Be kinder to yourself and others

Listen to James Wong, founder and Fitness Director of The Reset Project, discuss the Reset methodology:

James Wong is an innovative educator and progressive health, fitness and wellness expert. Combining a mix of science, passion, and leadership development strategies, James catalyzes people like you to live your best life. He is Founder and Fitness Director of The Reset Project, LLC, one of Las Vegas’ most irresistible brands. He and his team spearhead ground-breaking projects and programs designed to create and nurture your vibrant lifestyle that makes holistic Fitness fun, simple and sustainable.

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