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The Sunday Reset March 17th 9a-12p – Tickets on Sale 2/22
4D Fitness = A new social network where you can have some fun while enhancing your physical, mental, emotional, and social Fitness.

If you want to have sustainable change in your health, wellness and performance it can only be made by positively working on not only your physical but your mental, emotional, and social Fitness as well.

4D Fitness helps you fill in the gaps between physical exercise and dieting that almost everyone falls into (this is the #1 reason a majority of people never accomplish their goals or are unable to sustain them) when starting a routine to improve their health, wellness and performance.

At 4D Fitness:

  • Learn neuro-based training for mental preparedness – better than a cup of coffee
  • Have fun in innovative 4D collaboration drills
  • Social interaction = Emotional and Mental Fitness
  • Learning new things is like lifting weight for your brain and soul
  • Create daily habits for positive sustainable change

4D Fitness February features Expert Trainer Sean ConwayCBD infused teas, recovery nutrition and interactive education at The+Source Las Vegas

The 3rd Sunday of every month enhance your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical fitness with a Sunday Reset. Your future self thanks you

Individual and Small Group Fitness Programs Available. Get yourself in shape mentally, spiritually, emotionally as well as physically in just 3 months. We have a customized program for you.
Don’t just Attain – Work to Sustain

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Reset your Life not just your Body