Food, Fitness and Forward Thinking January 2019

January 22, 2019


I just discovered and love Two Yumms Up Adventures, the culinary brainchild of Las Vegas entrepreneur Bella Bloom.

Food is life-sustaining at every level; from where it is grown; how it is harvested; where it is transported to; who is buying it; what are we making with it; and who is gifted to consume it.Through all this we LEARN to care about our food and the people who make it. We get to CREATE plate by plate. And equally essential is the sharing. We get to SHARE the community with itself by highlighting what’s going foodie right in our world.

Two Yumms Up Adventures does all this and we welcome you to do the same. An outstanding foodie find gets a #twoyummsup cheer wherever we break bread. It’s the best juju ever to be encouragers of great efforts.

Our role in all this is to encourage collaborations by creating products that gift the home cook time–spice blends designed to highlight different peppers; cutting boards and serving trays to present the Yumms; and all the foodie incite we can offer.

That’s the business we’re in—the prompting of tribal times.

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This is my what; this is my why; this is what I do. I am Bella Bloom, your Two Yumms Up Adventures Guide


Our expert for Sunday Reset January 4D Fitness & High Tea is pro trainer Sean Conway.
Here are his 4 simple habits you get to enjoy this Sunday at 4D Fitness
1. Never Move Into Pain – The idea of “no pain no gain” is archaic and makes little sense for everyday people that need to work and perform at a high level day after day.
2. Don’t Worry About Range of Motion + Slow As You need To and Only As Fast As Able – You are an athlete. That’s right. You are an athlete and perform very specific physical and mental feats every day and night. Train physically, mentally and emotionally for what you do and do not compare yourself to anyone else.
3. Satisfaction = Accomplishment – Practice what makes you feel good (everyday is different) and helps you create positive sustainable change.
4. Expect and Enjoy Empathetic Perspicaciousness
Empathetic [empəˈTHedik]
1.showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
Perspicacious [pur-spi-key-shuhs] adjective
1. having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning:to exhibit perspicacious judgment.
2. Archaic . having keen vision.


Time Management = Life Management
A few years ago this is way I would start just about every day:
Alarm goes off at 5:45a but I’ve set my clock 5 minutes ahead to trick myself. The trick never works because I know this so I hit the “snooze button” knowing I have extra time. Finally getting up I have already started my day 15 minutes late. Rushing around swearing to never be late again I neglect to eat or drink anything and hurry to get into traffic. Now at work, flustered, behind the 8 ball and in no way ready to start my day. Throughout the day I arrive sometimes on time/ sometimes a few minutes late to meetings without a pen to take notes so I make a mental note to remember 12 different “to do’s”. I then get distracted by co workers off to get coffee and clients asking questions. Get back to my office and write down 6 things and can’t remember the rest. Its only 10a!It’s no wonder I felt like I was in a rat race. I put myself there!
If this similar to your day then its time to take a look at how much self induced stress you put on yourself and how an unorganized approach to life is affecting the way your are perceived by peers and superiors. Take 2 minutes right now and inventory of how many things you are holding in your head to remember for later in your day or week and write them down.You just got a 2nd brain to help with time management and improve my life management.
Well not literally another brain but using simple resources as a daily habit to help keep “to do” lists is a great place to start. You deserve a break. Overloading yourself with remembering mental notes that can easily be jotted down on paper or on your smart phone app will free you up to relax and concentrate on more important things. It takes a lot of discipline (5 Days to Creating a Daily Habit) but if you get started today you will see a difference in just a few days.What’s the bottom line? We all want more time. The way to do it isn’t by rushing and skipping details. Slow down, take the time to jot down a note or finish up small final items on projects. Your brain and body will thank you and watch your life change.

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