Food, Fitness and Forward Thinking October 2018

December 1, 2018


“The one thing you have 100% control of in your life is what you eat and drink”

So let’s talk about our love of coffee and the myriad of fitness benefits it has for you. Like all nutrition you want well educated choices, understanding the substances you consume and how they benefit you throughout the day.


  1. Buy local 
  2. Find a vendor that purchases and roasts their own beans to insure freshness
  3. Be curious about the process and get to know your local coffee experts
  4. Coffee increases metabolism and requires carbohydrates (sweetener: maple syrup or a local honey or coconut sugar.) and small amount of fat (organic dairy or plant based with natural ingredients), either in or along side it to turn this amazing cup of coffee into a nutritious treat. If you get shaky, ill, or feel nervous after drinking coffee, this is a sign of adrenaline secretion. You can easily fix it with a slightly larger portion of carbs with the coffee. 
  5. Make caffeine work for you and Understand your Circadian rhythm 

Desert Wind Coffee Roasters – Its all about the Freshness in the SouthWest
Sunrise Coffee House – Organic, Vegan and on the East side
Vesta – Hearth, Home and Family in the 18b
The Cuppa – What’s in your Cuppa? in the west
Frankly Good – Creating Memorable Moments One Cup at a Time

Make friends & learn about the coffee from the experts – the very likable Franks, Stefanie and Glenn at any of these great farmer’s markets 

Cafe do Paraiso
Great coffee and doing social good with our friend Owen Carver 


A Healthy Gut = Mental & Emotional Fitness

Reset and reboot your internal systems every morning and get your adrenal glands functioning optimally for a positive start to your day. As we remove traditional salt from our diet by abstaining from sodium or consuming packaged foods full of chemicals, we miss out on  minerals and electrolytes your body need. Gift yourself Himalayan salt! It’s packed with the perfect essential minerals – sodium, calcium, magnesium  our daily nutrition can often be lacking in.

Morning Reboot – Make it a Ritual
*8-10oz of warm distilled water
*The juice of half or whole organic lemon
*1 teaspoon of organic pink Himalayan salt

Its science! Your brain and gut are connected..Research is rapidly emerging from the scientific community that suggests these little critters have a huge impact on our behavior, including (potentially) on our response to fear.…….You know that whatever you eat, drink and consume affects your physical fitness but here is how is also determines your mental and emotional fitness ………


Adding to your life by subtracting the stuff that weighs you down is a Fitness routine you need to add to your daily habits. It doesn’t have to be radical changes. Get started with this simple question – What could you strip away that would allow you to focus on the important aspects of your life?

We have been practicing minimalists for the last 5 years now. It took a while to get the hang of it and it wasn’t easy knowing where to start. Our best advice is to start with just one easy thing. Round up all the extra plates or glasses you only use a few times a year, that CD collection that has been collecting dust or sort through that T shirt collection and donate all of it to your favorite charity.
What does it mean to start minimizing your life? The minimalist lifestyle includes: having less, spending less, doing less, needing less, having more time to enjoy life more. More about simplifying by adopting a lifestyle of minimalism from author Christa Herzog

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