Sunday Reset September 16th – Surrender to the Process

September 7, 2018

Reset this month РSurrender to the Process featuring Rukmani Kaur
Get beyond your analytical mind thru your “” Inner Dance : A Conscious Trance breaking down the structure and rewire the programing.
Time forces us into memorized set of behaviors , emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program. So how do you begin to make positive sustainable changes? Surrender to the Process and reconnect your-self back to the intuitive Self.

RSVP tickets and details

9a-9:30p Registration
9:30p-9:45a Hi and welcome
9:45a-10:45a Claudia Walker = Surrender to the Process
10:45a -11:45a Plant-based brunch with your new friends

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