Morning Habits and Rituals to Kick-Start your Day

November 8, 2017
Recovery and self care have to be part of your fitness routine. Ready. Set. Reset. Find the right tools  viainteractive education helping you enhance your holistic fitnessthru plantbased nutrition highlighted by medical cannabis, locally sourced fruits, veggies and herbs to get maximum repair and rejuvenation when you need it.
Emotional, spiritual, mental and physical Fitness. Do you push, exercise and grow these muscles?
How to create a morning routine to KICK-START every day and put you on a road to success. The Reset Project shows you 5 simple and easy steps so you can Reset your Life not just your Body
Your Daily Morning Ritual starts the night before but let’s end with that and start at #4
1. Prep and Sleep at the Same Time Every Day
  • Try to have no more than 1 glass of wine/bottle of beer/shot of alcohol. At least 2-3 hours before sleep. It blocks your REM sleep and disrupts your breathing pattern.
  • Shut down electronics – phones, computer, tablets and TV – they keep your brain alert and reduces the release of melatonin
  • Sleep and relaxation is easier and improved in a dark cool room
2.Make Two Lists
  • All the great things that happened today
  • All the tough things about today
  • Review your day – celebrate the wins and focus on changing perspective on the losses.
  • Start and Make note of any to-do’s for the next day
5. Keep Things Simple and Easy to Stay Focused
  • Don’t take on too much until you have adjusted to the routine
  • Shit happens everyday and your Ritual helps make it easier to get through
  • Stay focused on your Ritual
  • Your Priority All Day & Night is your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical Fitness
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Next month: conquering the day and understanding your circadian clock

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