Recommit to Yourself

November 2, 2017

I average about 7-9 personal training clients per day. So most people think I work out all day but even though I’m a personal trainer it’s tough to keep up regualr training routines. Often I’ll work all day and not even get in any training for myself. Recently I went through a 6 week stretch of very sporadic training and almost no intense cardio. I was definitely enjoying being inactive and the urge to train regularly was slipping away. Just like a lot of my clients I had fallen into a pattern of no exercise and needed someone or something to motivate me. So I decided I had to challenge myself and sought out one of the best personal trainers in the city and joined in on one of his group assessments. I was shocked and humbled as he read off my numbers: 198lbs and body fat at 26%. I failed my stress test and was able to do only 37 push ups in 60 seconds. Wow what an eye opener and wake up call. How could I let myself get this out of shape and how could I preach to my clients and not “walk my talk”?

I immediately decided that I needed to recommit to myself, my family and my clients. Not just today or tomorrow but every single day. So I challenge you to find a way to recommit and be focused on moving forward every day. It won’t always be fun and it will be uncomfortable but your ability to power through and push forward is directly tide to your recommitment level. Challenge yourself and seek out friends and/or colleagues who are willing to push you. Short term sacrafice = Long term health

I’m back on a regular training routine and cleaned up my nutrition. If you want to follow my progress and share yours go to and get the app for your phone or tablet. You can connect with me on the app at

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