Motivation? Hey I just want to get started!

November 2, 2017

You need to be motivated. You need to find the motivation. Get motivated.

How many times have you heard this and felt that rush of inspiration? You made the required “to do” lists and set due dates but for one reason or another things never moved past this point. How do you finally just get started?

Well, here are three ways that will help get you started and motivated.

If not now then when? If not you then who?

Taking that first step or leap of faith requires determination and often, after that first step the motivation starts to come. You have to be single minded and focused. Get up right now and start that one project that has been sitting on your shoulders like a 222lbs sweater vest.

You only have to do one thing at a time

Sometimes the amount of input of what seems like hundreds of chores that are way overdue can be paraliyzing. Its okay. Its only natural to feel like that when overwhelm hits us. To get started just pick one thing and find that single minded focus and knock one thing out at a time.

Pick the toughest chore and knock it out!

This may be the most difficult of the five but with great risk often comes great reward. If you grit your teeth and dive in to tackle your most torturous and hated “to do” all other chores after this are a piece of cake (Well a plant-based raw cacao maple syrup sweetened with kind of cake).

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