Welcome to The Reset Project!
We are a lifestyle events and education company for people and brands that seek to create positive sustainable change in their lives and/or business culture. We offer yoga classes, nutrition and wellness workshops, facilitate community dinners and events and help you live your best life by connecting you to other likeminded people.

“Because of The Reset Project, I have become involved in many giving organizations and projects. I am a kinder person because of The Reset Project.”Ken Lau, real estate agent


“I moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and found it difficult to build a community of friends who were likeminded. The Reset Project connected me to incredible individuals who motivated me to pursue my passion and dreams.”Fanny Garcia, grad student at Columbia University


“Personally, I’ve learned how to stop and meditate instead of go-go-go all the time. Professionally, I’ve gotten a number of clients and referrals for my business!” Kelly Bennett, Creative Director at VegeNation